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New Book Alert

I want to start by expressing my deep gratitude for those of you that have decided to come on this journey with me. Your support is appreciated. Much love to you all.

Now I won’t lie to y’all after the book went live on Amazon I did have a moment. Ok, maybe more than a moment. I sat in the bed and snot-nosed cried for a bit lol. That cry for me was one of relief as I now had finally released my first book and got to share my story.

I had been working on this book for quite sometime and many days I was on the fence about whether or not to actually share it. Sometimes we receive signs so clear that we need to do something and that’s how it was for with this book.

I got to invite the reader into certain parts of my life which I kept private for many years. It is my sincerest hope that my story and transparency will encourage other folks to tap into the power of their own story and share it with the world.

After the book went live on Amazon I did wake up to it trending at Number 1 in its genre and that was mind blowing for me. Something greater than me is definitely in the works here and I look forward to the journey ahead. Stay tuned folks I will have more good news for y’all. Thanks again.

Be Kind. Be True. Be Love.

-Brian ❤️

Grab a Copy Here:

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